Friday, 8 June 2007

Leaving soon

We're leaving Melbourne on Thursday, so the next few days are full of packing and chores and loose-ends-tying-off. In my head, I am formulating blog posts about:

• the word 'lesbian', the word 'queer', and lesbian/feminist/trans solidarity and hostility;
• Melbourne and how much I love it;
• J's new book;
• writing, again.

Some of them may come to pass, but probably not until after I'm back in the UK from 15 June.


glitterboy1 said...

It'll be (selfishly speaking) good to see you back again. In the meantime, good luck with getting everything ready to leave...

Toft said...

YAY you're coming back! To enrich our fair country once again! Are you happy to be coming back, do you think, or would you like to have stayed longer?

Charles said...

See you soon!

Una said...

Eeee! You're coming marginally closer to where I am! Safe packing and safe trip.