Thursday, 13 March 2008

Male post-WW2 American novelists

A conversation with a colleague yesterday made me realize that I've read very few works by male post-World-War-2 American novelists (I was put off by Sophie's Choice, which is unreasonably misogynist, but this may be very unfair to American novelists who are not William Styron). I do like Kurt Vonnegut and Dennis Cooper a lot (and actually Hemingway, come to think of it) but that post-50s/60s generation of male literary writers (Saul Bellow, Thomas Pynchon, Dom DeLillo) has passed me by more or less entirely. Am I missing out on anything? Recommend me places to start!


Az said...

pynchon's vineland, under-rated, sprawling, much better in my opinion that the crying of lot 59 or the others.

Tom said...

Donald Barthelme's short stories and Robert Coover's short stories.

So so good.