Sunday, 27 April 2008

Help me! I will acknowledge you in a footnote!

The paper-machine drives ever onwards... I'm giving a paper to the Leeds branch of the Classical Association in a couple of weeks on 'The Romans and Science Fiction', and I need anecdotes and exciting examples and trivia and stuff. Please to provide:

* Science fiction with Romans in (either literally eg 'The Last Days of Pompeii' or allegorically eg the Romulans in Star Trek?)

* Science fiction about getting information from dead people - I think there was an episode of Torchwood with this theme? Which one was it, and Is there anything else?

* Science fiction about stones speaking or otherwise transmitting information (is there like a humming stone in Dune? What's going on there?) I'm finally going to watch The Stone Tape this week and am very excited about that.

Sources that come with snazzy visuals are particularly appreciated.


The queer erotic literature event is now to be called, rather less syllabically, Dirty Books. It'll be in the evening (exact time TBC) of Saturday 5 July, in the St Paul's Pavilion in the South Bank Centre. It's being organized by this profoundly awesome dude, Rupert Smith aka James Lear.


Beppie said...

There are three episodes of Torchwood that involve the Resurrection Glove:

From Series 1:
Everything Changes (Episode 1)
They Keep Killing Suzie (Episode 8)

From Series 2:
Dead Man Walking (Episode 7)

In the first episode, Gwen misinterprets the TW team's actions in using the glove-- she believes it's to find information, but it's actually just to test the glove. In the second, it is actually used because they need information from Suzie. In the third, getting information is used as a pre-text for reviving a character, but Jack's reasons for doing so are actually personal.

Ika said...

Hello Beppie, and thank you! And now I actually have a good moment to say I really liked your email of many months ago - so much so that I saved it at the bottom of my inbox till I had time to reply to it properly. That plan, as you know, did not work very well. So it's great to see you here again, and when things calm down in June I'll be in touch...

Beppie said...

I figured it must have been something like that; I too have a number of emails from months ago that I really do intend to reply to someday, so I understand completely. :P

Nonetheless, looking forward to hearing back from you when you have the time. :)