Monday, 29 September 2008


I'm on a classics mailing list, and it's the start of a new academic year here in the UK, so I'm getting emailed about lots of upcoming seminar series and lectures and whatnot. Obviously it would take a fairly spectacular event to get me to Edinburgh or Leeds (or, frankly, even Exeter or London) at 5pm on a weeknight to listen to a research paper, so what are the odds that both* the events I most want to go to - Miriam Leonard's paper on 'Noah and Noesis: Derrida between Greek and Jew' and Ahuvia Kahane's, on 'Poetic proportions, ethics and politics', in a series on epyllion** - are on the same day?

And both on a day when I have to be in Bristol for an equally interesting event?

::gnashes teeth::

*Actually, I also really want to go to one in Leeds, on homoeroticism in Lucan's battle scenes ('ardens amor: Brothers in (each other's) Arms in Lucan's Ilerda Episode') and I can't make that one either, despite the fact that it combines all my research interests into what is clearly the best topic ever.

**Epyllions are 'little epics' and really interesting - I wish I could go to this whole series, actually.


Una said...

Do they do podcasts or webcasts or something like that?

Ika said...

I doubt it for we are academics and have only just got the hang of email. But I can get people to email me the papers (well, everyone but Ahuvia Kahane, who has already emailed me like five papers and I have to stop pestering him).