Friday, 9 January 2009


Ursula K Le Guin has written a novel called Lavinia, which is coming out here in the UK in May. Here is a review of it, and it sounds unbelievably brilliant.

I will do a proper post about this later - I'm supposed to be thinking about Chapter Four now, but my head is very scattered--


nixwilliams said...


(i can't believe i haven't read your blog since BEFORE I SAW YOU LAST!)

Ika said...

Hello! Perhaps it is for the best that you have not read in a while, as now there is almost no time to wait until Lavinia comes out yayy! (Actually I don't know when it's coming out in Oz, hmm.)

nixwilliams said...

yes! i should check at readings. i have a voucher for there. mmmmm!