Saturday, 23 January 2010

you know what?

The Aeneid is really good. Just really good. Even outside of the whole crazy edifice I have made for it, the Tower of Song in the Underworld where Vergil lives with Lucan and Dante* and Roland Barthes drops in for tea,** it is just completely brilliant.

I am going to make myself a TEAM AENEAS t-shirt like those TEAM EDWARD ones. (Though I guess it should really be TEAM DIDO... Ooh, also, I should make a TEAM BELLA t-shirt!***)

Or possibly I should go back to fixing my damn footnotes. Okay, see you in a week--

*as in 'Jenny lives with Eric and Martin', except I guess Lucan would be the sulky teenage son here.

**from the Tower of Theory. He invites Derrida along every week, but Derrida is too reclusive (Oh, you know what, maybe next time, Roland...)

***Hooray! Lots of people already have! I like this one.


Charlie Butler said...
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Charlie Butler said...

Has it ever struck you that 'Turnus' could be a repressed homoerotic plea? (I bet it has.)

Ika said...

Not as such! But I do have Rosanna Warren's poem Turnus up on my office wall, which ends

His eyes searching yours could
be a lover's eyes. It was love He fought.

which makes me cry. Maybe I should be TEAM TURNUS!

Charlie Butler said...

I was thinking the same... ;)

Paul said...

I love this.

Good luck with your footnotes...