Saturday, 14 March 2009

Harry Potter is a war criminal

and I love Shami Chakrabarti even more than I did this morning.


Katherine said...

As if I needed another reason for my crush on Shami Chakrabarti! I mean... isn't she marvellous?

(This was one of the disappointments of DH -- I had somehow got the idea that Rowling was aiming for a do-not-become-a-monster-in-fighting-monsters idea, with Harry learning an Awful Lesson, but... no dice. It gets brushed off as if it wasn't important, because Harry was really upset and apparently that makes it all right? Urgh.)

John Lyons said...

"There is a strong moral tale running through the books," says Chakrabarti. "But they're not Bible stories; Harry has all sorts of flaws."

Now that is a strange comment, :)

Ika said...

Yes! Shami Chakrabarti! Yes!

(And yeah - I was actually kind of vindicated by DH, because I'd spent so many years bitching about the ethical bankruptcy of the Potter books and people kept saying BUT ROWLING WILL MAKE IT ALL RIGHT IN THE END, and she, er, didn't.)

John! Yes! I thought that! But since she is Shami Chakrabarti and can do no wrong, maybe she means the sort of Bible stories that come in children's books called 'Bible stories', rather than the ones in, er, the Bible?