Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I have a huge pile of books!

J and I bought them together in two big binges: today we went to Cardiff and bought the first five in Borders (I just went in for This Charming Man, it was like that episode of Black Books where Manny goes into the bookshop and comes out five seconds later with #100 worth of books and a latte), and when we came home the rest had arrived from Amazon (in, J wishes it to be recorded, a big box. Not a small one, as you might think; a big one). The big box was the result of an online binge a couple of weeks ago, which in turn was a result of J's slightly chaotic accounting system (me: I wish we had lots of money to spend on books; J: I BET WE COULD AFFORD LIKE A HUNDRED POUNDS OH LOOK.)

Anyway. They are sat on the coffee table, waiting for it to be the Easter vacation. This is a list of them and why we bought them:

Jacqueline Wilson, My Secret Diary (I buy everything by JW as soon as it comes out)
Junot Diaz, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (it has a reference to Blake's 7 on page 22)
Leslie Arfin, Dear Diary (It is about chaotic drug-addicted teenagers!)
Marian Keyes, This Charming Man (Big fat chicklit novel about domestic violence! And Morrissey gave permission for the title!)
P C and Kristin Cast, Marked (J says: For the first time in ages a vampire novel that reminds me of Buffy!. [In the shop she said: A vampire novel with a sense of humour about itself!])
Katia Noyes, Crashing America (Streetsmart lesbian road movie novel with teenage protagonist and a back-cover blurb from Michelle Tea!)
Ellen Wittlinger, Parrotfish (FTM novel!)
Mayra Lazara Dole, Down to the Bone (Cuban-American lesbian teen lit!)
Ellen Wittlinger, Love And Lies: Marisol's Story(Companion novel to Hard Love, one of my top three favourite queer YA novels)
Steve Berman, Vintage: A Ghost Story (J says: Queer Gothic, worth a try)
Ann Cvetkovich, An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality and Lesbian Public Cultures (WHAT MORE NEED WE SAY)
Perry Moore, Hero (Gay teen superhero! And all his friends have, like, rubbish superpowers!)
Sylvia Brownrigg, Pages for You (Intergenerational lesbian awesomeness!)
P E Ryan, Saints of Augustine (One of them is gay! One of them is straight! They fight crime learn and grow in the course of a turbulent adolescent summer!)

When I have read them I will tell you about them.


Una McCormack said...

Hey, I'm just about to go out and buy Oscar Wao on the strength of the B7 mention! Also I might get The Road by Cormac McCarthy and something else, possibly White Tiger if that is on the three-for-two.

This month I have been mostly reading books that people have inscribed to me, which makes me feel good about having clever friends *basks*

Ika said...

The three-for-two is pretty good at the moment, I have to say. But ooh! inscribed books! swanky! I do like that feeling.