Friday, 27 April 2007

Day off!

I need to rest Chapter One for a day then go back and see what to do about Hannah Arendt (a perennial question).

Also, it's Saturday. (See previous post on not donating surplus value to institutions.)

So I'm in bed, wearing my 'I love sleeping' tshirt - this is my new 'day off' tshirt. (I also have a new writing tshirt - J bought it for me as part of the process of getting over the writing crash(es). I keep meaning to take a photo of it. Anyway, it is brilliant, and it says 'Last Year's Youth' on it, which is (a) a reference to the project of bookifying the PhD - writing as a grown-up academic, not as a youthful apprentice - and (b) a rewrite of Leonard Cohen's song 'Last Year's Man', signalling that I am not depressed any more.) I am surrounded by:

my knitting (I am currently doing raglan shaping on the armholes of my jumper (this is what the jumper is going to look like, apparently, except I don't have a beard and I'm knitting it with this yarn, which knits up like this) which necessitates the use of a cable needle);
a can of Diet Coke;
my laptop (possibly I shall write some fanfic);
my journal;
the following books:

Sarah Caudwell, Thus Was Adonis Murdered;
Cicero, Letters to Atticus bks III-IV;
Abraham & Torok, The Wolf Man's Magic Word;
Jacqueline Rose, The Case of Peter Pan or the Impossibility of Children's Literature;
Bruhm & Hurley (eds), Curiouser: On The Queerness of Children;
David Wills, Prosthesis;

and am still in that nice phase of wondering what I'm going to do next. (This thing which has freed up the book also seems to have freed up my reading, so I can do what I always intended to do on research leave: read lots and lots of theory books just because I fancy them.)

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Toft said...

Gosh. That is going to be an extremely brightly coloured jumper. I have a jumper which is not quite as bright as that, and I call it my epilepsy jumper.