Monday, 16 April 2007

Quick photo update

What I really want to write about is:

(1) Shaun Tan's new book, The Arrival, which is wonderful;

(2) 'Spruik' - what does it mean? Why has it suddenly appeared?

(3) Serres' The Book of Foundations and Wills' Prosthesis, both/either of which I wish I'd written (which would have the added bonus that I would then have written a book, and I wouldn't have to write this one! Hoorah!);

(4) Excellent conversation with Tom on Saturday night at a butch/femme/trans social night, about fanfiction and sentences and theory vs fiction writing;

(5) Why Who Weekly has converted me to celebrity gossip (with a side-note of shock that Katie Holmes'/Tom Cruise's baby has just turned one, apparently; where does the time go?);

(6) Getting a paper accepted at the MLA Convention! Christmas in Chicago, baby!

(7) Bees! Mobile phones! Agriculture! It is my PhD in the form of a news item rather than a patiently anachronistic reading of Vergil's Georgics!

But I don't have time for any of that, so I'm just going to link to some new photos.

I have had a haircut, and feel much better as a result: there are two view of it here and here.

I took a week off over Easter and mostly knitted. I made a practice thingy, a scarf which J has actually worn out into the world, and am now knitting a jumper. Sewing has been temporarily suspended.

We went to St Kilda and paddled in the sea! (J also paddled, but she kept her hat and scarf on).


Anna said...

I see what you mean about the sexxy glasses! And the hair! *eyes appreciatively*.

I have spectacularly forgotten the password to my Toft blog and the stupid site won't send it to me, so there, I have a new blog. Hi.

(I realize I have not yet replied to the email you sent me ages and ages ago. This is because I suck. I will reply soon, I swear.)

Tom said...
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Tom said...

ello Ika! How are you? I like your new haircut very much & it's great to hear about the visa. Hope all else is well. love Tom (Sperlinger: there seem to be others who rightly claim greatness for the name Tom on this site).

Ika said...

Hello new blog toftanna! Nice to see you. And no worries about the email - I think what with blogs/comments/etc email is becoming more like letters anyway, going back to a slower timeframe. Which works better for me anyway.

Tom hello!!! (And you should check out the writings of the other Tom, btw, he is awesome and I teach one of his short stories on Critical Issues). I am fine - I just bought a bunch of tops as part of Project: Dress More Like Tom Sperlinger.

Tom said...

Project: Dress More Like Tom Sperlinger? How worrying: what does this mean? Though it sounds like it could have a spin off afternoon TV series on BBC2.

Tom said...

p.s. What did you think of Superman Returns?

Ika said...

Project: Dress More Like Tom Sperlinger is my personal quest to get more jumpers like yours, because I think you always look pleasingly understated. But the twist is that when I try on jumpers just like the ones you wear, they look wrong on me. And so I have to devise a mode of sartorial translation whereby I find tops that have the same kind of understated vibe about them, but also fit me.

I did not like Superman Returns - it was a terrible waste to keep Superman and Lex Luthor away from each other for the whole movie, and - together with Brigadoon - it was another plot whereby they set up that something is Completely Impossible, and then go Oh, except for, um, if the hero really needs to do it, or if the Power of Love overrules it. Then it's not impossible. There were some good one-liners - I loved 'It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman!' - and the little boy was excellent, and the opening sequence on the plane was very exciting, but then it never really went anywhere. Hence, you will notice, I have been watching nothing but old b&w movies ever since. (And Doctor Who, obviously.)

Tom said...

Hi there. I really liked Superman Returns, especially for the humour: but I think I am the only one. The only thing I didn't like was bloody Kevin Spacey. I never like him: but I think I'm the only one. Project DMLTS: this may be the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me!

Tom said...

p.s. Did I ever tell you that the name of that novel I mentioned, where the heroine only ever appears on the telephone (apparently), is 'The Rhubarb Tree', by Kenneth Allott...?

Ika said...

Kevin Spacey was HIDEOUSLY MISCAST. I am not sure whether I usually like him or not as I get him mixed up with a lot of other actors.

And thanks for the title of the novel! I will track it down.