Monday, 30 April 2007


Eep. Now I've been invited to go to Stanford for a workshop on ancient and modern imperialisms, in November. I'd love to go, for millions of reasons, but it's right in the middle of term so it will probably involve me flying to California on a Thursday and flying back on the following Monday. And having to rearrange teaching, which is always a pig. And next term is going to be particularly hard because of teaching the core course on the new MA.

Actually it's on J's birthday, so she should probably be allowed to decide.


nixwilliams said...

Sam Winchester went to Stanford. So it must be good.

John Lyons said...

Terms are a pain, but you can re-arrange a week's worth of teaching and get away with it, especially with an MA. Since such trips are good for your 'development' in oh-so-many ways, I say go for it :)
Good to see you enjoy OZ.

Una said...

Go, Gadget, go!

Tom said...

May I selflessly offer to go to California for a week and pretend to be you?